Horse Development Parelli Professional™ Rob McAuliffe -
What Rob Can Offer Your Horse

Rob takes on a small amount of horses each year for Development. Being a Parelli Senior Horse Development Specialist™ you can be assured that only the concepts and principles set forth by Pat Parelli and Parelli Natural Horsemanship™ will be used during the training of your horse. Among other things, this includes respecting a horses confidence, curiosity, sensitivity and dignity as well as discovering their Horsenality™ which is based on their innate characteristics, learned behavior, environment and spirit, to better assist the development and training process.

The Development Program is divided into three main categories, including:

If you feel you have a horse that would suit one of these categories and would like more information please contact Rob.

Download the Horse Development Application Form

Discounted Package available if you combine Young Horse Handling and Colt Starting for the same horse.