"a marvellous opportunity to get the skills that you learn at clinics and actually put them into a real world situation" - Rob Pearse, 2011 Participant

"it really was life changing for myself... we both thought about what we had just achieved and what we need to change to progress a lot faster (as I know I have stalled)"-M. Lane, 2011 & 2012 Participant

"It took me the drive to Cobar to have a light bulb moment that it wasn’t just the riders...that you were hoping to push beyond what they thought they were capable of – it was me as well!" - D. Hogan, 2011 Volunteer and 2012 Participant

"...thank you so much for the most amazing experience. The setting, the people and the learning opportunity were fantastic. It provided an opportunity to transfer clinic lessons to a practical purpose and see what Marmaduke and I were capable of." -F. Wylie, 2011 and 2012 Participant

Contact Details

50 Lisa Rd. Wilton, NSW 2571
Phone: 0246 309 443
Email: rob@robmcauliffe.com






A short video from the 2012 Camp

This video was filmed from a participants perspective at the 2011 camp

Read an article from a student at the 2012 camp, here

EAT. SLEEP. PLAY with your horse 2013, back by popular demand

5 nights and 6 days

1 million acres of varied terrain in the Outback of Australia

This is something you won’t forget!

Have you ever been in a new environment with a friend or your partner and had to rely on each other for support and respective strengths? This camp has been developed to allow for you and your horse to experience this same kind of partnership growth. You can put your relationship to the test in a fun and supportive environment. What better way to develop respect and rapport with your horse than spending a week with them at Tongo Station.

This horsemanship experience combines the Principles and techniques of Parelli Natural Horsemanship while adding a bit of purpose to it all. This education vacation will be situated on a large cattle and sheep station, over 1 million acres of land, to roam with your horse; guided by some of Australia's top Licensed Parelli Instructors.

It’s not just a trail ride and it’s not just a horsemanship clinic, it’s both plus a bit more. Enjoy riding in an iconic bush setting during the day while practicing your natural horsemanship skills and settle down with your horse at night by the campfire with a group of like-minded students. This event will be the one everyone wants to attend in 2013! Will you be there?

*thank you to Paula East for her water crossing photo!

To book in for the camp, download the Application Pack

The Details

When: 31 August - 7 September 2013

Where: Tongo Station, 160km north of Wilcannia, NSW—between Wanaaring and White Cliffs


EAT.SLEEP.PLAY with your horse 2013

Early Bird Pricing (save $800.00)

Regular Price

Parelli Member







Course must be paid in full by 1 April 2013

Course must be paid in full by 31 June 2013

Early Bird Pricing and flexible payment options available including monthly payment plan, see the application for details, Visa/MasterCard accepted for payment

What: Six days of riding and playing with your horse plus instruction, all meals are provided, bring your own tents/swags

Who: Open to all riders whom feel confident riding their horse at a walk and trot minimum in an open area.

Days will be long, horses should be well prepared including their fitness and their feet. There will not be a Vet or Farrier onsite.

To book in for the camp, download the Application Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be covered during the 6 days?

Overall, you will learn how to join the dots between Levels 1-4 of the Parelli Program, On Line, FreeStyle and elements of Finesse riding using the Parelli Seven Games. You will be able to put what you have been practicing with your horse to the test. Many people turn to competion to test the foundation they have put on their horse or never really do have a way of 'seeing what they have', while this camp allows you to experience this in a fun atmosphere with like-minded people.

We will go over the Qualities of a natural horseman, which include, heart and desire, respect, impulsion, flexion, attitude, feel, timing, balance, savvy and experience. You will gain a better understanding of how each quality relates to the Parelli Program and how it directly affects your partnership with your horse.

What will a typical day include?

We will start early each morning with catching and feeding our horses, followed by breakfast served at that days campsite. The day will include a minimum of 4 hours riding to a new camp area and will include On Line ground skills, as well as FreeStyle riding and elements of Finesse Riding. There will be a mid-day break for lunch and rest. Evenings will include setting up that days camp, feeding horses and preparing dinner around the campfire.

When can we arrive and depart?

You will arrive the 31 August (Saturday) by 5pm. We will finish up back at base camp of Tongo on the 6 September and you will depart the morning of the 7 September (Saturday) before 10am.

What should we bring?

Please keep it as simple and light as possible. There will be one truck/trailer that moves all gear to the next days camp and will carry all of your supplies, your horses feed and our food supplies. There will not be availability for you to bring along your own float or camper to each camp site.

For you-

For your horse-

Is there mobile service/coverage on the property?

There is very limited mobile coverage.

How many people will be attending?

Participant positions are limited to 20 students.

Are there any volunteer positions available?

Yes, there are a few volunteer positions available if you would like to come and help. Positions available currently include Cook and Assistant to the Cook. Meals will be provided. Volunteers will not be riding on the camp.

What will be offered for people with special dietary requirements?

We will offer basic vegetarian and meat meals. If you require anything special, ie- gluten or dairy free, please bring these food items with you.

What will be the setup for showers and toilet facilities?

Camping areas will have very basic facilities with a portable shower and in the ground toilet.

To book in for the camp, download the Application Pack