For current students of the Parelli Program wanting to delve deeper into the Parelli Savvys...

Camps are offered a couple of times each year to provide dedicated students of the Parelli Program with a 5 day intensive study of the Parelli Savvys, including On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle and Finesse.

Students play within their current Level of Study and focus on increasing their overall skill set. Camps are for students that can see the benefit of spending several days studying and spending time with their horse under the guidance of a Parelli Professional and seek to acclerate their learning process.

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Price: Parelli Member $225.00** daily, Regular Price $325.00 daily**
**Instructor travel, venue hire, meals and horse yards charged at an additional rate

To ensure the safest learning enviornment possible for students, please do not bring horses with major behavioural issues or stallions. All horses should be started under saddle prior to attending a course. If you have any questions please contact Rob.